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HyggeBox is a UK subscription box providing inspiring gifts and treats to help busy people take pleasure in the simple things and live well.

We celebrate gathering friends, making things, nourishing our minds and bodies, exploring nature, finding time to dream, creating, growing, cooking, slowing down, gratitude and contentment. A mindful life is the way to deep joy and we want to inspire you to make the right choices so that you have time to enjoy everyday magic.

We believe in making life more simple so that we have time to do the things which bring us true joy. Choice has become a tyranny and work is draining. Our brains and our hearts don’t have the energy for this frenzy of activity so we must decide what is important and pay attention to those things.

Do you struggle to find time for yourself? Are you bored of celebrity culture and throwaway products? Do you want to find more meaning in life and simplify things?

It’s hard to find time for everything in this complicated world so we have to choose priorities.

For the last 18 months we have been sending out monthly packages of gifts and treats to pamper, inspire, organise and nourish our subscribers. We search for ethical, artisan products and sustainable businesses to work with and spread our message.

If you like Breathe, The Simple Things, vintage homewares, farmers markets, cookbooks and independent brands then join our community of people celebrating living well.

We write blogs with recipes, mindful practices, interesting products, nature and the occasional cocktail.

The Box:
HyggeBox features 5 gorgeous treats and gifts that help you to live a more simple life, but one that is still filled with beauty, enjoyment, indulgence and a slower pace. Celebrating the everyday doesn’t have to be mundane, it can be wonderfully exciting and that’s what we inspire with our boxes.

Where possible the products come from Ethical, Independent and local suppliers to bring you new and exciting products – sometimes just joining the market!

HyggeBox cost £35 a month and are shipped on 25th of every month (apart from Sunday’s and Bank Holiday’s – the box is shipped the next working day).

In the press:

* Voted as one of the best 8 boxes to send to a friend with Depression by Metro UK
* Voted number 3 in the Independent top 10 UK self-care subscription boxes.
* Featured as top UK subscription boxes in Grazia Magazine, The Simple Things Magazine & Kinfolk.

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