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MyGeckoBox is a wonderful craft activity subscription box aimed at children aged 3 to 9 years old. The theme of the box changes each month. There are 3 subscription options available:

  • A fortnightly box called LITTLE EXPLORER, which contains one craft kit
  • A monthly box called EXPLORER, which contains 2 craft kits
  • A monthly box called DISCOVERY, which contains 4-5 craft kits

All 3 options also contain a fun fact sheet related to the theme of the box.

I love the fact there are 3 different subscription choices, as this means there is a box to suit all budgets making it a perfect box for everyone!

Each craft kit comes with all the necessary materials for the activity and a very easy to follow instruction leaflet. Each leaflet also tells you how messy the activity is, and how much adult help is required.

I was sent the Discovery box for my son to try, and I was so impressed. The theme of the box was Rhythm and Sound, and it contained kits to make 4 instruments.

As well as the kits, the fact sheet included an extra activity for children to try if they wanted to using household items, and lots of information about the various types of instruments, a brief explanation about rhythm and sound, a joke, and a ‘Did You Know’ fact.

My son is at the older end of the age range and so found the activities easy enough to do on his own. It all kept him busy for an afternoon, and at the end of it he had a lot of fun playing with his new instruments! We turned some music on and joined in with the rhythms of the songs using the various instruments he had made.

One of the many things that really impressed me about MyGeckoBox was the way they often use the box that the kits are sent in as part of the activities. In this case, the lid of the box was used to make the castanets and the stand for the music sheets, while the base of the box was used to make a Bass Box.

What a fantastic way of teaching children the benefits of recycling and upcycling! It leads to a wonderful conversation about waste, and ways we can help the environment.

I was very impressed by MyGeckoBox. The activities have clearly been very well planned to aid co-ordination skills and encourage creativity. It would make a brilliant gift for any child, and the range of subscription options makes it accessible to everyone!

Happy Crafting!

Review by Corrina Confarreo fromĀ

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